What is crystalline waterproofing technology?

Crystalline Waterproofing Technology

Crystalline waterproofing technology requires a profound knowledge of concrete, its structure and chemical composition in all stages, from the time it is mixed to the end of its service life. By nature, concrete is a porous material which allows water (and other liquids) to penetrate into the capillary structure made by its interlocking pores. With time and through occasional or constant contact with water or humid environments, the desirable qualities of concrete eventually degrade, lowering the durability of the structure. This process is accelerated and worsened with the presence of waterborne contaminants.

On the other hand, Krystaline Technology takes advantage of the chemical composition of concrete by starting a crystallizing chemical reaction which generates insoluble calcium silicate hydrate (or CSH) crystals which fill these pores, thus keeping concrete structures safe from the deteriorating effects of water ingress.

Krystaline Technology also grants self-healing properties to concrete through a process known as autogenous healing. The crystallizing reaction will remain latent in the concrete and reactivate whenever water is present to generate new CSH crystals, sealing any cracks which may form and maintaining the structural integrity of the concrete.

KRYSTALINE has been continuously researching and developing the active ingredients which produce this crystallizing reaction to achieve the best possible results, creating a range of crystalline waterproofing solutions to satisfy the needs of each and every client.


The benefits of crystalline waterproofing technology.

Krystaline products are divided in two main categories depending on their use:

  1. Waterproofing admixtures for new structures. Krystaline admixtures achieve waterproof concrete structures, without the need for any physical barriers; by turning concrete itself into an effective self-healing waterproof barrier.  Due to the catalytic nature of the waterproofing reaction, it will remain latent in the concrete, ready to restart and create additional CSH crystals to fill the pores and capillaries of the concrete. Whereas other waterproofing methods try to avoid water, we consider it an ally and a necessary ingredient for the application of our products.
  2. Repair products. Our repair mortars and surface-applied slurries penetrate into the concrete to form an integral part of it, protecting against positive and negative water pressure. They constitute an easy and cost-effective rehabilitation and waterproofing method for existing structures.

Krystaline Technology remains latent in the concrete and will react with water for the entire life of the concrete to achieve permanent results.


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Our CE marking means that we regularly pass the required external audits for the manufacturing of our products.


By investing in R&D, KRYSTALINE has continued their developing process to reach the 5th generation of Crystalline Technology.


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