By its very nature, concrete is a porous material allowing water (and other liquids) to penetrate into the capillary structure. Over time and through constant or occasional contact with water or humid environments, the desirable qualities of concrete eventually degrade, lowering the durability of the structure. This process is accelerated and worsened with the presence of waterborne contaminants.

KRYSTALINE uses the newest generation of crystalline technology to create durable, waterproof and sustainable concrete. Krystaline’s hydrophilic crystalline technology works within the cement matrix to generate additional calcium silicate hydrate (CSH) within the concrete resulting in further hydration until the concrete is impermeable to water infiltrations.
KRYSTALINE also grants self-healing properties to concrete through a process called autogenous healing. The crystallizing reaction will remain latent in the concrete and reactivate whenever water is present to generate additional CSH growth, sealing any cracks which may form and maintaining the structural integrity of the concrete, thereby increasing the durability and sustainability of structures.

Krystaline products are divided in two main categories depending on their use:

  1. Waterproofing admixtures for new structures. Krystaline admixtures can be used to achieve waterproof concrete structures without the need for any physical barriers, by turning concrete itself into an effective self-healing waterproof barrier. Due to the catalytic nature of the waterproofing reaction, it will remain latent in the concrete, ready to restart and create additional CSH growth to fill the pores and capillaries of the concrete. Whereas traditional waterproofing methods try to avoid water, we consider it an ally and a necessary ingredient for the application of our products.
  2. Repair products. Unlike traditional surface-applied technologies, KRYSTALINE penetrates into the concrete to form an integral part of it, protecting against positive and negative water pressure. Thanks to its ability to catalyze reactions inside of the concrete substrate, KRYSTALINE repairs last for the entire life of the structure and function where other methods fail. They constitute an easy and cost-effective rehabilitation and waterproofing method for existing structures.

Krystaline Technology remains latent in the concrete and will react with water for the entire life of the concrete to achieve permanent results.

The main benefits of Krystaline admixtures include:

  • Reductions in shrinkage cracks
  • Protection against water-borne contamination
  • Protection against corrosion of reinforcing steel
  • Protection against the effects of sulfates
  • Reduction in the deteriorating effects of carbonation
  • Protection against chloride ion penetration
  • Protection against chloride ion penetration
  • Protection against cracking due to ASR/AAR
  • Greatly increased resistance to freeze-thaw cycles
  • Enhancements to cement hydration and autogenous healing of cracks
  • Enhancements to the physical characteristics of concrete
  • Elimination of the need for membrane systems
  • Elimination of the need for membrane systems
  • Resistance against high hydrostatic pressures
  • Effectiveness of the concrete for the entire life of the structure

Krystaline Technology

  • Becomes an integral part of concrete regardless of application type (admixture, surface treatment or dry shake)
  • Present and effective for the entire life of the concrete
  • Hydrophilic technology. The presence of water only improves its waterproofing properties by triggering the production of additional CSH growth
  • Lower application costs and substantially lowers the need for repairs
  • Cutting-edge technology used in hundreds of projects around the world
  • Appropriate for use in either small or large-scale projects

Collaborating Entities

Through the efforts of the Krystaline’s R&D department and in close collaboration with various research centers, universities, certifying bodies and various prestigious companies, Krystaline has developed some of the most competitive crystalline technologies in the marketplace, allowing the company to provide sustainable and durable waterproofing solutions for concrete.

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