Wastewater treatment plant - Campia Turzii (Romania)

Wastewater treatment plant - Campia Turzii (Romania)

Using mainly European funds to finance the project, the expansion and restoration of the Turda and Campia Turzii wastewater treatment plant was carried out with the aim of improving the quality and flow of drinking water and improving water management in compliance with EU regulations.


• Retention tank with separator walls, 100 x 60 meters
• 2 clarifiers, 56 meters in diameter and 5 meters in height, 3 with central cone
• 1 clarifier measuring 32 x 15 x 4 meters
• 1 clarifier measuring 66 x 12 x 4 meters

Applied products

Krystaline Add in 11,000 m³ of concrete as the sole waterproofing system.

Application methods

Krystaline Add was added at the batching plant to the ready mix trucks at 2% of cement content.


The project was completed using a total of 70,000 kg of Krystaline Add.

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