Waste water treatment plant - Alicante (Spain)

Waste water treatment plant - Alicante (Spain)

A settling tank at the Rincón de León waste water treatment plant in Alicante was in need of repairs in order to fix a crack which had formed on the side of the structure.
An effective negative side waterproofing solution was needed, as it would have been impractical to empty the tank in order to waterproof from the positive side (the inside of the tank).

Products applied

Krystaline 1, Krystaline 2, Krystaline Plug

Aplication methods

After preparing the surface, Krystaline PLUG was used to stop the flow of water. The application was finished with a waterproofing coat of Krystaline 1 followed by a coat of Krystaline 2, applied 15 cm on either side of the repair area.


The repair was completed successfully with immediate positive results, guarateeing the structural integrity of the tank.

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