Pool - Rijswijk (Netherlands)

Pool - Rijswijk (Netherlands)

Providing a waterproofing system for a pool project in order to keep the pool water in and ground water out and protect the reinforcing steel from corrosion.

Products applied

Krystaline Add, Krystaline 1 and Krystaline PLUG

Application methods

Krystaline Add was added to the ready mix trucks on site as a waterproofing admixture. Krystaline 1 was used as a slurry to waterproof all cold joints prior to pouring fresh concrete.

All the construction joints were surface coated with Krystaline 1.

Krystaline PLUG was used to fill all tie-holes which were then coated with Krystaline 1.



Application, leak tests and waterproofing performance to both the concrete substrate and all construction joints proved a complete success. To date the project is still in a perfect working condition.

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