Parking Estel Residence - Nijmegen (Netherlands)

Parking Estel Residence - Nijmegen (Netherlands)

Repair and rehabilitation of an underground car park


The underground car park of this residential complex was affected by severe water ingress and several concrete elements were in an advanced state of deterioration.

Products applied

Krystaline 1, Krystaline 2, Krystaline BLOCK and Krystaline PLUG

Application methods

The Krystaline Repair System was used to repair all affected concrete areas including slabs, joints, pipe penetrations and surfaces.
In total, 60 meters of concrete joints were treated according to our usual application procedures, using Krystaline PLUG to stop any active water flow. An additional 36 meters of expansion joints were treated using a flexible polyurethane injection.

Krystaline 1 and Krystaline 2 were used in conjunction as a surface-applied waterproofing system to coat 150 m² of concrete.



Krystaline managed to successfully stop all water ingress and return the car park to its normal working condition.


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