Drinkable water tank - Aveiro (Portugal)

Drinkable water tank - Aveiro (Portugal)

Waterproofing system for the building of a drinkable water tank designed as a backup water supply for a chemical plant.

The client chose to waterproof the tank with our Krystaline Add waterproofing admixture instead of the locally prescribed system which employed PVC liners.

Size: 50 m long, 30 m long, 5 m high


Products applied

Krystaline Add, Krystaline 1 and Krystaline BLOCK

Application methods

Krystaline 1 and Krystaline BLOCK were used to treat all cold joints as per our application instructions.

A total of 3800 kg of Krystaline Add waterproofing admixture were added to the concrete mix on-site at 2% of cement content.


The construction was completed as planned on schedule and there haven’t any incidents since the tank became operational.

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