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Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

The contractor, Grupo Jesuman applied Krystaline products to waterproof below grade areas of a new shopping center located in the Mercatenerife economic area of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. A total of 1500 m³ of concrete were rendered waterproof using Krystaline Add1.

Krystaline Add1 was added to the ready-mix trucks at 1 kg per cubic meter of concrete. To complete the tanking system, all concrete joints were sealed according to the Krystaline Joint Design System.

Purpose for application

The high water table due to the shopping center’s location close to the ocean required a heavy-duty waterproofing system to efficiently prevent the corrosive effects of salt-water ingress.

Products applied

Krystaline Add1 se aditivó en planta a 1 kg por metro cubico de hormigón.


The waterproofing application was completed successfully. Since the shopping center’s completion, below grade areas have remained completely dry.

Project Details


Santa Cruz de Tenerife – Spain / August 2017


Shopping center


Below grade (Tanking)

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Collaborating Entities

Through the efforts of the Krystaline’s R&D department and in close collaboration with various research centers, universities, certifying bodies and various prestigious companies, Krystaline has developed some of the most competitive crystalline technologies in the marketplace, allowing the company to provide sustainable and durable waterproofing solutions for concrete.

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