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KRYSTALINE Block F main features

  • Krystaline BLOCK F is a high-strength waterproof fiber-reinforced shrinkage compensating grout that is specially designed to repair leaking cracks, holes and joints.
  • Its fast setting time allows for fast repairs in cold weather and high humidity environments.
  • Krystaline BLOCK F is a fast setting, higher strength replacement for Krystaline Dry for use when rapid set is required to protect the repairs being made. It is specially formulated with our proven crystalline technology which combines chemically with water and concrete to form millions of needle-shaped crystals. These crystals grow in all directions to fill any capillary pores of the grout to block the passage of water.

KRYSTALINE Block F application

  • Krystaline BLOCK F is mixed (3.5 parts powder to 1 part clean water by volume), and applied to the prepared substrate using a trowel. Do not mix more than can be applied within 10 minutes.
  • For deep patches or overlay applications thicker than 13 mm (0.5 in.) mix Krystaline BLOCK F with clean 10 mm (0.375 in.) pea gravel (approximately 3.5 parts powder to 1.5 parts gravel to 1 part clean water by volume).
  • Contact a Krystaline representative for more detailed application instructions.

main benefits

  • High early strength
  • Superior bonding ability
  • Very high compressive and flexural strength
  • Withstands hydrostatic pressure
  • Contains no corrosive chemicals or metals
  • Safe for contact with potable water
  • Can be painted after curing
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Permanently waterproof
  • Increased durability decreases maintenance and repair costs
  • Superior performance enhancing your reputation for high quality work
  • Contains crystalline technology

KRYSTALINE Block F typical applications

  • Repair leaking cracks, joints and holes
  • Waterproof tie holes in concrete walls
  • Repair spalled or honeycombed concrete
  • Can be used over stone and non-concrete substrates


Collaborating Entities

Through the efforts of the Krystaline’s R&D department and in close collaboration with various research centers, universities, certifying bodies and various prestigious companies, Krystaline has developed some of the most competitive crystalline technologies in the marketplace, allowing the company to provide sustainable and durable waterproofing solutions for concrete.

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