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Krystaline Hydrophilic technology is perfect for high hydrostatic pressure situations.

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Most waterproofing technologies hate water.

They struggle to form an impenetrable barrier between the concrete and the outside water source.

And, as time rolls by they inevitably fail.

Krystaline works just the opposite.

Thanks to our proprietary 4th generation hydrophilic composition, our products become more impervious the more they’re exposed to water, while increasing the concrete’s overall durability.

Discover the benefits of cost effective, easy to deploy 4th generation waterproof concrete.

Discover Krystaline.

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Four Generations of Waterproofing

1st Generation


Difficult to deploy – vulnerable to materials deterioration – high long-term maintenance costs.

2nd Generation

Hydrophobic Additives

Easier to deploy but suffer over time. Will not resist significant hydrostatic pressure.

3rd Generation

Hydrophilic Additives

Easy to deploy, long lasting solution but expensive up-front costs.

4th Generation


Easy to deploy, long lasting, self healing concrete at an unbeatable price.

This is not a continuation of other
 waterproofing additives.

All the commonly available waterproofing additives on the market are basically refinements of an idea first developed in the 1940s.

Based on densification technology, they chemically react with free lime molecules found in concrete increasing the concrete’s density.

Krystaline technology is completely different.

Our additives contain zero densifiers – instead we intensify the natural abilities of concrete – creating a whole new class of building material.

Krystaline ADD Series

Additives for New Concrete


Industry-leading 4G Waterproofing Technology at 25% of the cost. 1kg per m3.

When you need a cost-effective 
4G waterproofing solution.


High Performance Concrete with 4G Waterproofing. 2% of cement.

When you need top-of-the-line 
4G waterproofing performance.


Top Performance Concrete
 with 4G Waterproofing. 2% of cement.

Unmatched 4G Performance

Krystaline Repair Series

Repair System for Water Problems

Step 1

Krystaline Plug

The first objective is to stop the active flow of water.
 (for cracks and joints)

Step 2

Krystaline 1

Deep penetrating 
4G waterproofing technology.
(for cracks, joints and surfaces)

Step 3

Krystaline Block

Filler for remaining cracks and joints.

Step 4

Krystaline 1 & 2

Top level 4G waterproofing technology.
(for cracks, joints and surfaces)

Are you still on 2G?

If you’re still using first, second or third generation waterproofing technologies, you’re assuming high risks and footing high costs for nothing.

Discover the benefits of transitioning to Krystaline 4G Waterproof Concrete Technology.

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