Crystalline waterproofing technology by Krystaline

Krystaline technology products require the following conditions for successful application:


  • Cement: Krystaline Technology products are designed specifically for waterproofing concrete and cement based applications. Use it only on applications that have a cement base.


  • Water: While most waterproofing products require a dry surface for application Krystaline Technology requires water as part of the crystalline development process. Pre-soaking the concrete is important. Wet curing is also important.


  • Time: Developing crystalline growth with the concrete requires time for the process to activate and grow. The process does not occur immediately. It requires time to allow the crystals to form. Under normal conditions it requires between two and three weeks subject to the design mix of the substrate and environmental factors. Once waterproofed the concrete application will automatically regenerate crystalline growth upon the presence of water.


The process of growing Krystaline crystals within the concrete matrix begins with the addition of Krystaline technology either as a surface applied slurry, dry shake, or as an admixture.

Krystaline unique technology works as a catalyst to create a reaction between un-hydrated cement particles and water within the concrete. This reaction over time enhances the millions of natural occurring calcium silicate hydrate crystals found in concrete. The enhanced crystals are longer, thicker and there are many more of them to fill the pores and capillaries.


The process will continue as long as water and cement particles are present.



The penetration depth of the crystals is subject only to the availability of water and cement particles.

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