Blindside waterproofing system

The Krystaline Add allows many advantages over traditional waterproofing systems in normal conditions. When we consider the additional problems and requirements of blindside waterproofing, we have to wonder why anyone would consider any other choice.

The following excerpt was copied directly from the article “Blindside Waterproofing (Tanking System Waterproofing) A Specifier’s Nightmare Or Easy, Worry-free Sailing” written by Imad Houssami, Engineering Manager, Waterproofing Consultant at MASA Engineering Technologies.

“Blindside waterproofing (tanking system) is a system in which the below-grade waterproofing  membrane  is  temporarily   attached  to the  soil-retention system  facing the  excavation,  prior to  casting  the concrete  foundation against it. It is required where the exterior faces of foundation walls are inaccessible. A  common situation  dictating blindside  waterproofing is  the  proximity of adjacent  property  lines or  other  abutting structures that preclude excavation outside these lines.

Strictly defined, it is positive-side waterproofing, but a  blindside  waterproofing problem is  sometimes best solved  by negative side  or  integral waterproofing. Waterproofing under pressure slabs on grade is also a form of blindside waterproofing.

This is the waterproofing industry’s most difficult and most sensitive system to install.”

In the above statement Eng. Houssami has not only summed up what blindside waterproofing is, but has also identified correctly that blindside waterproofing is the most difficult and sensitive system to install.

When asked about his opinion regarding using PVC or other membranes for below-grade waterproofing, especially tanking (blindside), the USBCI forensic investigator, Scott Malholland explained: “When it comes to blindside waterproofing, I hate piece goods”. It is very easy to guess why; too many laps increases the probability of error or imperfections where just one is enough to ruin the work, and being in forensics, he has seen first-hand his share of failures which were directly attributed to busted seems and laps.

Using Krystaline Add many of the problems involved with blindside waterproofing can be eliminated.

  1. Effective protection for the life of the concrete:Krystaline Add provides effective protection for the life of the concrete. Once added to the concrete, the development of internal crystal growth begins. The concrete becomes more durable and more waterproof with time. When used in below grade applications, in areas with high water tables, the constant presence of below grade water allows for the continuous development of the crystals within the concrete increasing further the durability and impermeability of the concrete. Membranes on the other hand, are the best they will ever be when applied, if they are perfectly applied to begin with. Eventually de-bonding, contamination from ground water, and/or time, reduces the membranes’ abilities until they fail.
  2. Ease of use: Krystaline Add eliminates the need for sub-trades and time associated with membrane applications. Concrete with Krystaline Add is placed as concrete. It requires no extra attention to application of membrane joints, surface adhesion, the need for clean and dry concrete or special finishing requirements. There are no surface preparations for Krystaline Add applications and there is no need for adhesives. As long as the Add is properly dosed and added to the concrete and the concrete is properly placed, finished and cured, as you would with all concrete, the waterproofing application is permanently installed.
  3. Placing: Krystaline Add eliminates difficulties with placing for blindside applications. As there are no membranes to debond, no membrane joints to worry about, and no need to over-excavate. Problems normally associated with applying membranes on blindside applications are eliminated.
  4. Areas with high water tables: Applications in wet areas are an advantage for Krystaline Add applications as prolonged contact with water only improves the waterproofing aspects of the concrete as opposed to the deterioration effects on membranes.
  5. Eliminates application errors: Krystaline Add eliminates all risk of errors associated with membrane applications. This means that it also eliminates all costs associated with membrane application error. While human error is a constant concern on job sites, Krystaline Add is easily repairable in case of application error. When a membrane has been applied incorrectly, locating and repairing the error is virtually impossible due to lack of accessibility. Should an error occur using Krystaline Add, a simple repair to the negative side of the application is all that is required. An Krystaline Add error is immediately obvious, quick and very cost effective to repair to 100% of original condition (a characteristic that is unmatched by any other concrete covering systems.
  6. Eliminates future maintenance costs and difficulties:Future problems with membranes are subject to the same difficulties of inaccessibility and high repair cost. Krystaline Add is permanent lasting the life of the concrete, should problems arise from micro-cracking of the concrete in the future, Krystaline Add will autogenously self-heal the concrete.
  7. Lowers maintenance costs: The use of Krystaline Add will result in lower maintenance costs through the increased durability of the concrete. There are less repairs required, the life of the concrete is extended, and surface damages to the concrete do not affect the waterproofing capabilities of the Krystaline-treated concrete.
  8. Lowers on-site costs: The use of Krystaline Add will lower costs on the jobsite. The elimination of the waterproofing sub-trade, and the reduction of time requirements provide reduced labour costs, reduced material costs and most importantly increased job site productivity. We all know that time is money!
  9. Allows for increased creative design: Krystaline Add allows for creative freedom in design. Membranes can often create limitation in design and finishing.

The obvious solution to blindside waterproofing is Krystaline admixtures. It can be easily applied, it can be easily repaired, it is proven dependable, and it is cost effective. Krystaline treated concrete performs exceptionally well in demanding situations, and allows for creative freedom. It eliminates the risk of installation error, leaking seams and de-bonding. Krystaline Add is a permanent solution that turns a difficult problem into successful application.

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