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KRYSTALINE TECHNOLOGY, S.A. is a relatively young company with a fresh perspective of the waterproofing market and its material needs. Headquartered in Elche, in the province of Alicante (Spain), it is one of the first European projects dedicated to the manufacture and supply of crystalline capillary waterproofing solutions for concrete.

KRYSTALINE develops an industrial-grade range of waterproofing admixtures, surface-applied slurries and repair products which are designed to keep concrete structures watertight even in extreme conditions where other products inevitably fail.  Due to this, KRYSTALINE has developed a reputation for offering reliable waterproofing solutions for some of the most challenging applications (marine works, blindside and below-grade waterproofing, direct contact with contaminants, etc.)

The promotion and sale of KRYSTALINE products is carried out through a commercial network made up of dedicated waterproofing applicators, construction companies and distribution companies specialized in specific technical solutions (insulation, pipes, waterproofing, etc.). Companies, in short, involved at a national and international level in the world of specialized construction.




Our CE marking means that we regularly pass the required external audits for the manufacturing of our products.


By investing in R&D, KRYSTALINE has continued their developing process to reach the 5th generation of Crystalline Technology.


Committed to constantly improve and deliver high-quality products. Committed to our customers.

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