A startup from Spain revolutionizes the world of construction

In the middle of the era of startups in which we seem to associate innovation with companies that emerged from the garages of American single-family homes, a chemical company located in Elche breaks into the construction scene and started its project in a bathtub, improving the formula of its additives for concrete innumerable times until achieving a perfect balance between the costs of waterproofing and increase the durability of this material, essential in any field related to construction.

The story began 15 years ago, when Jonh Fiorino, a Canadian living in Spain, began to carry out tests with a clear objective: to apply the crystallization technology to concrete in order to improve the waterproofing processes and increase the durability of the structures. After many tests he managed to find a formula optimized for commercial use and with Jorge Company, a born entrepreneur with a clear vision of the market and experience in the launch of innovative products, to, together, introduce the product in the market in the form that today is marketed.

Today Krystaline is a chemical company with all the future ahead and offers a highly competitive and innovative product applicable to the difficult and competitive world of construction.

And there is one thing that is clear: water causes a structural deterioration of the concrete, filtering through the pores and causing their degradation, which generates the appearance of cracks that weaken the structure and the most visible and difficult effect to be tackled: the filtration of the Water. The permeable quality of concrete is a real challenge when using this material in the presence of water or humidity. The Krystaline additives show their authentic revolution by waterproofing the concrete and extending its durability in the worst possible environmental circumstances.

“Most of the techniques run away from water, they try to maintain an impenetrable barrier, but over time they inevitably fail”, explains company manager Jorge Company. Krystaline develops a chemical industrial compound that confers waterproof properties to concrete based on hydrophilic crystalline technology and making its structures watertight for multiple applications, both in new construction works and for the repair of elements already affected. But its main virtue lies in constituting itself as a latent solution that, despite the constant presence of the liquid element in contact with the concrete, makes the solution last over time and does not lose its tightness during the useful life of the concrete.

This quality manages to reduce the cost of waterproofing through two routes: the acquisition of membrane-based products and / or sealants, which are no longer necessary, and the elimination of man-hours necessary for their application. Undoubtedly a revolution that has already been contrasted by construction companies around the world and has been used successfully in both technical trials and real work in Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Holland, Honduras, Ireland, Estonia, Poland , Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria …

We are used to the discourse of Spain’s innovative potential as a hub for the emission of talent and ideas but with difficulties in establishing and consolidating in the territory. Krystaline has not only achieved it but has also attracted the attention of public and private organizations, such as CDTI, or its inclusion in international research projects together with prestigious universities and qualified institutes in construction such as the Torroja Institute, a subsidiary of the CSIC.

But as in any company, whether startup or not, the road has been arduous and the principles, at the stroke of a bathtub and own funds, to reach its current situation characterized by a promising growth that is taking place in a sustained manner from the first year of existence.

An innovative and highly competitive product, an international distribution network and a lot of effort have led to the establishment of realistic goals in terms of its rapid international expansion to take advantage of its competitive advantage, as well as to boost investment in R & D to launch new products. , based on this technology but adapted to solve specific problems.

It is precisely this area of ​​expertise that gives Krystaline an optimal position to lead in a niche market with reduced competition, which is faced with a portfolio of unique products that combine high competitiveness and very strong technology.

The prospects of the company are very encouraging and everything points to that within a period of 5 years they are occupying the first positions as manufacturers of additives and concrete repair products.

In short, Krystaline has managed to stand out in a sector that has always been perceived as traditional at the stroke of innovation and demonstrates how the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the disruptive application of technology contribute to the growth of new business models even in these traditional sectors. Krystaline brings innovation and experience to change the future of concrete and the entire construction industry. We are facing a new era.

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